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Posted by Intuity on Sep 3, 2018 8:03:00 AM
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Intuity Consulting launches to solve project, change and transformation challenges for medium to large enterprises. The founding team includes a successful partnership of Hope Parnell, Jacob Dudzinski and Mark Dunham, all having recently worked together in a leading Management Consultancy.

Hope, Jacob and Mark have a fundamental belief in caring about client success, delivering engagement value and developing the client’s own capabilities. Working with leading organisations to solve their challenges, the team is excited about the future. With key strategic partnerships already in place, Intuity Consulting is now focussed on attracting the right talent to their advisory, delivery, training and solutions teams.

Hope, Jacob and Mark are honoured to be able to offer their team’s services to the many organisations needing help with their execution challenges.

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Intuity Consulting are a specialist Strategy Execution firm.

We concentrate on Merger Integration/Separation and Transformation to deliver your highest value strategic initiatives through Projects & Programs.

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