The Role of the Transformation Office

Posted by Intuity on Sep 17, 2018 9:25:00 AM
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Another great article from McKinsey on the pivotal role of the transformation office. 

Many companies set up a project-management office (PMO), led by a spreadsheet-savvy analyst charged with tracking myriad transformation initiatives. Their transformation leaders attend PMO meetings, tick boxes, and generate reports. 

A few key points:

  • An effective transformation office will reinforce the transformation culture at all times.
  • An effective transformation office will approve initiatives through a structured stage gate process.
  • Transformation offices will be unflinchingly fact based.
  • Transformation office meetings are not about presentations and grandstanding they are about removing roadblocks and keeping the focus 100% on the transformation agenda.
  • The transformation must establish a clear set of rules for the valuation and evaluation of transformation initiatives and everyone must be trained on the use of the rulebook.
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